iMove’s outrageous moves on Rentenna

We’ve previously singled out iMove Chicago as one of the sleaziest of Chicago’s rental services, a sleazy group that it isn’t easy to stand out from.

If you’re unfortunate enough to visit Rentenna, a new rental site, you’ll see ads with actual building photos and addresses that lead you to believe you’re connecting directly with the building. The links I sampled on scores of ads all route you to iMove, despite the fact that a number of the advertised properties won’t allow an iMove agent to set foot on the property.

Is the State of Illinois utterly impotent to enforce the laws that purportedly protect consumers against this kind of fraud? Thus far it has been.

If you’re in the market to rent in Chicago you need to protect yourself by dealing directly with property owners and management companies rather than visiting a Chicago rental service.

Rentenna is useless and worse for renters. How quickly will it fall into the dustbin?

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