In-Spired: Condo tower's creative shape leads to some unusual floor plans

Residence 7601

Sorry if we seem a little Spire-happy lately, but it’s not every day that the tallest exclusively residential building in the world is planned for Chicago. Though, now that we think about it, that sort of thing does seem to happen here more than most places.

Anyhoo … plenty of observers, Yo’s truly included, think that The Chicago Spire’s twisting profile would make a great addition to the skyline. But how does that exuberant design, which has been variously compared to a drill bit, a corkscrew and a portion of the male anatomy, translate into living space for buyers?

Floor plans are not yet available on the Spire Web site, but we scanned a couple of paper copies to post them for you (sorry the quality isn’t better, but they’re not too bad if you click for the larger versions). Overall prices at the condo tower, planned to be 2,000 feet high, range from the $750s to $40 million. Condos will range from 534 to 10,293 square feet, but detailed pricing info for individual units is not yet available.

Here’s a taste of how the homes will lay out. The top unit, residence 7601, is a three-bedroom with 3.5 baths and 4,071 square feet. The unit below, residence 12609, is a four-bedroom penthouse with four full and two half baths, “staff quarters” and 6,935 square feet.

Residence 12609

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