Irish ways

Over the weekend at R.J. Grunts (2056 N. Lincoln Park West, 773-929-5363), the Lincoln Park restaurant that started it all for the Lettuce Entertain You company, a group of ten people sat down at a table next to our booth. When the waiter introduced himself and announced that he would be their server, someone in the group rattled off all of the names of the diners. I figured they were from out of town.

After dinner, as we stood to walk out, I detected an Irish accent on one of the louder diners. They were finishing up, too, and when their server asked if he could get anything else from them, one of the Irish diners shouted, “Sing us a song!”

I watched a blushing smile fade from the server’s face as he realized, while we walked past, that they were serious. It’s a good idea, to ask you server to sing you a song after a meal, and one that we all should support.

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