Is this Chicago’s most visually striking apartment lobby?

The Gothic Revival Steuben Club Building, a Chicago landmark, is one of the most visually striking structures in the Loop. It’s best known for the intensity of its near-riotous terra cotta ornamentation.

Step inside the lobby of its recent reincarnation as Randolph Tower City Apartments, and traces of the muted tones of the exterior vie for your attention with bold colors and arresting shapes. A fireplace, wood paneling, a newspaper rack and other elements whimsically reference the building’s past as a private club.

I was at Randolph Tower, 188 W Randolph St, yesterday with Brook Furniture Rental, one of our sponsors, taking a tour of the new furnished models, and will be posting video later this week. Passersby have been catching a glimpse of the lobby and stepping inside for a closer look, so I thought I’d provide one here.

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