Is Uptown going down?

Chicago, Magnolia Café, 1224 W Wilson

Uptown Update (UU) has been one of my favorite neighborhood blogs since its launch. It offered a fresh, generally upbeat look at people and places in a community whose positives had long been overlooked.

Of late, however, UU seems to be obsessing over Uptown crime, giving a newcomer to the blog the impression that Uptown is the new Englewood.

During the 30 years that I’ve been paying sporadic attention to Uptown I’ve seen enormous progress. Parts of the community have transformed from hellhole to downright wholesome. Real estate values soared and, from a quick scan, don’t seem to have fallen as rapidly as they have in some other neighborhoods.

As an outsider and infrequent visitor to Uptown, I’m wondering whether UU has become a more distorted mirror of its community or a more accurate one.

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