Jarvis Avenue starts to take shape

Developers have added 1,000 new-construction and condo conversion units to the housing stock in Rogers Park in the last two years. Not bad for an area that many regard as stagnant.

The area still has its share of problems, but there are some positive developments taking place along Jarvis Avenue near the el stop.

The Irish pub Poitin Stil, 1502 W Jarvis Ave, opened in September, and is a very cool little neighborhood bar with a pool table and live music at the weekend. There are plans afoot to open a little bistro inside the bar.

The owner of the building where Poitin Stil is housed plans to open a cafe in the space next door, with an art deco feel to it.

Just down the street from the pub is Rogers Bark, a cute pet grooming store that recently opened and is already a hit with the locals.

And in spring, a new wood-burning oven pizza restaurant is scheduled to open on Jarvis.

We hope to see a lot more action along Jarvis Avenue. The street still has a desolate, ghost-town feel to it, yet surely it would be a good location for any number of small businesses, particularly with the el stop so close by.

According to DevCorp. North, the economic development corporation for Rogers Park, the good folk of the R. P. venture out of the neighborhood to buy 65 percent of their commodities. DevCorp. did a survey which found that residents wanted more restaurants, clothing stores and other basic goods and services.

Any small businesspeople listening?

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