Residents in Palmolive Building might have Vince Vaughn for a neighbor


Some things seem so perfect, they just have to be true. To wit, rumor has it that actor Vince Vaughn, of “Wedding Crashers” fame, is buying a penthouse at the ultra-luxury Palmolive Building (penthouse rendering above). The Palmolive, at Walton and Michigan, is still known to many Chicagoans as The Playboy Building, and could there be a high-rise with a history more apropos given Vaughn’s frat-boy antics on screen? A penthouse duplex totaling 7,880 square feet will set him back nearly $10.7 million, but rumor also has it that Jennifer Aniston might be on board to split heating bills.

British tabloid The Sun reported that Aniston will soon be moving from L.A. to Chicago, where Vaughn now owns a place in the 300 block of W Superior St, in River North.

Part of the Palmolive penthouse space circa 1930, when it was used as an office, is pictured below.


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