Joewalking (and riding) through Lakeshore East

When any of us go out to snap pictures or shoot videos of sales center or construction sites, we usually walk, drive the Yo-mobile, hail a cab or use the CTA. My trip to Lakeshore East this week was easier and cheaper than any of those options, as you’ll see.

Magellan Development Group recently purchased a propane-fueled van for its sales staff. With it, they can shuttle Lakeshore East residents and potential buyers to and from the development. On Tuesday, senior vice president of sales Leila Zammatta and her trusty driver Jason picked me up at the Yo office and drove me down the to the New East Side to get a glimpse of two projects currently under construction: the 81-story tower Aqua and the 25 Parkhomes at Lakeshore East.

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