Join a Chicago rental service or become an Uber driver?

You’re a young, unemployed college dropout contemplating your career options. You’ve been reading Craigslist ads from Chicago rental services that promise “unlimited earnings potential” and a “rewarding career.” You’ve also been considering becoming an Uber driver.

After researching the rental service vs Uber decision, here are some of the reasons why you decided to become a leasing agent:

  • You can’t pass Uber’s criminal background check.
  • You aren’t old enough to drive for Uber.
  • Your driving record isn’t clean enough for Uber.
  • You don’t have an Illinois driver’s license despite having been here more than 90 days.
  • Your car won’t pass an inspection or is too old.
  • Your car doesn’t have Illinois plates or a current registration.
  • You don’t have in-state insurance.
  • You don’t know Chicago well enough to find your way from place to place.
  • Uber drivers have to be courteous and respectful, and that’s just not your scene.
  • None of the above apply, but you’re not bright enough to realize you’d probably earn more as an Uber driver.
  • Uber’s website promises the “safest rides on the road.” After all, Uber recognizes that people are concerned about getting into a car with a stranger who has a criminal record, a bad driving record or an uninsured or unsafe vehicle.

    We’ve written repeatedly about rental services that have hired (or been owned by!) people who’ve been convicted of serious criminal offenses. If you’re a renter, be aware that many rental services aren’t as strict as Uber about who they hire. If you’re a landlord, give some serious thought to who will have keys to your tenants’ apartments and access to their valuables and personal information.

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