Ken Derry rides the crane down at K2

The views from K2 at K Station are great, but they don’t compare with the views from high above the Trump Tower.

Ken Derry operated one of the tower cranes at Trump Tower for McHugh Construction, and has recently taken over the crane at K2 during its disassembly.

I’ll be posting some photos tomorrow that I shot from the roof of K2 today. In the meantime, I highly recommend the awesome shots taken by Ken Derry from the crane at Trump. He’s recently published a book of the Trump photos.

I learned that Ken was on the crane at K2 from his wife, Marsha, who I met in the parking lot at Jewel this morning. As I pointed a camera at the crane I heard a voice saying “that’s my husband up there.”

Over the years Marsha has become knowledgeable about the details of operating a crane, and enthusiastically provided answers to the questions I threw at her. What impressed me more, however, was her admiration for and love of Ken, thirty years on in their marriage. What a fortunate guy!

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