Leasing agents wanted, naïve suckers preferred

When a real estate company breaks the law in its help-wanted advertising, there’s likely to be nothing but trouble and sorrow ahead for anyone who responds to the ad.

The Craigslist ad pictured above purports to be placed on behalf of a “Top residential brokerage & leasing group — both locally & nationally with Top National Residential Brokerage & Household Name …”

The company’s name is not included in the ad. If the company is a licensed real estate firm, its failure to identify itself in the ad is a clear violation of the Illinois Real Estate License Act. If it’s unlicensed, that’s also a violation of the Act.

The ad holds out the promise of “Six Figure Earning Potential Within The First 12 Months.” The potential is always there, the actuality almost never.

Only naïve suckers and the chronically unemployable are likely to respond to this and similar ads. Most will quickly learn that they would have achieved higher earnings and greater job satisfaction by stocking shelves in a supermarket or working as a bicycle messenger.

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