Let moving companies compete for your business with Chicago Movers

ChicagoMovers.orgWhether you’re moving across town, from the city to the suburbs, or out of the area or even the country, you shouldn’t get stuck with a high price for your moving costs. Instead, find the best deal possible by comparing bids from multiple moving companies with Chicago Movers.

By simply filling out a short form at the top of the page at ChicagoMovers.org, customers can quickly receive between four and six quotes from reputable companies operating in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. Chicago Movers guarantees that each moving company it works with has been pre-screened, is a member of the American Moving & Storage Association, and can offer binding quotes for service and references from past customers. They will also ensure that participating companies are licensed and insured as required by Illinois law and the laws of departure states.

Each quote provided through Chicago Movers is valid 30 days, allowing customers to shop those quotes around to other companies.

ChicagoMovers.org also provides a variety of tips for packing and moving tips, from how to choose the right boxes for your belongings to how to load a truck and then unload it into an empty home. The site also features a growing collection of profiles for Chicago’s neighborhoods and suburban cities and villages.

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