Lincoln Park high-rise living near Clark and Fullerton

The high-rises fronting Chicago’s Lincoln Park offer some of the most attractive living options anywhere in the US, but the character of the area varies significantly from south to north.

The intersection of Fullerton Pkwy and Lakeview Ave is one of the more attractive in the area. The park is directly across the street, beaches are nearby, and it’s a short stroll to the Clark Street retail and restaurant scene.

The above videos present a brief overview of 345 Fullerton and 2400 Lakeview, both built as rentals and converted to condos. Both buildings have been popular, an indication that their lack of balconies isn’t much of an issue with buyers. Click on one of the building links for more info and to see what’s for sale there.

In an earlier video we looked at the Green City Market, the zoo and some of the other attractions that are a compelling draw in Lincoln Park south of Armitage Ave.

We also focused a video segment on a very different, more tranquil part of Lincoln Park, the area north of Fullerton that’s dominated by North Pond and Diversey Harbor.

Stay tuned for more video looks at the high-rise condos and apartments that front Lincoln Park.

Urban Living‘s Jeff Herbert concentrates his real estate practice on the near-lakefront stretch of Lincoln Park and is our tour guide in this sponsored video series. He operates the innovative and information-packed Lincoln Park Condos site. I’m working with Jeff on building a Guide to Lincoln Park High-rises.

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