Lincoln Park homes – minis still outnumber megas

Chicago Real Estate Daily’s Dennis Rodkin recently published a look at 10 multi-lot “mega-mansions” currently underway in Lincoln Park.

In the course of our rambles yesterday we passed two huge Lincoln Park homes that didn’t make it to Rodkin’s list. The home pictured above is nearing completion and spans more than four lots at the northwest corner of Dickens and Sedgwick. It has heated sidewalks, garage and underground parking, an indoor pool, an elevator and a large yard. The building permit for the home stated construction costs at $5 million.

The second home, on seven lots in the 400 block of St James Pl, has had a fair amount of media attention. A recent Reader article pegged the home’s size at 7,200 square feet, but it appears to be at least twice that size.

Rodkin notes that the epicenter of mega-mansion development is “the blocks south of Lincoln Park High School and nearby, an area where dozens of new mega-mansions have gone up in the past decade and where at least 11 are in play now.” The Armitage Ave home pictured above occupies about a third of a standard-size city lot and serves as a useful reminder that minis still outnumber megas in Lincoln Park.

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