Lincoln Park homes renting well below asking price

This is the second in a series of videos from my recent drive around Lincoln Park with David Nadler.

In the first video we looked at lakefront high-rise condos renting at what Nadler deemed bargain prices compared to managed apartment buildings in the area.

In this video Nadler takes me to two higher-end properties. The first was a duplex condo listed for $4,800 a month that rented for $4,250. The second was a 5-bedroom, 5 ½ bath single-family with an indoor pool. The asking price was $5,800 and it rented for $4,250.

“What I’m really trying to exemplify,” says Nadler, “is the fact that if you go out and look at some of these homes that are available for rent, you’ll surprise yourself, rather than just taking the first thing you see in a rental high-rise. ”

Nadler lives in Lincoln Park with his wife and daughter and runs City Ranch Real Estate, which has been one of our clients. Stay tuned for more from our drive.

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