Lincoln Park new-construction has vintage look


This Lincoln Park condo development might not have caught my attention had I not seen the words “brand new construction” on the sign facing the street. Until seeing that, I was sure it was a conversion.

The building at 600 W Belden Ave certainly isn’t the first new-construction development we’ve seen in Lincoln Park with a traditional architectural style. Similar throwbacks can be found along Burling and Orchard streets, close to Old Town Triangle, and at a few single-family homes near the park. Most notably, Lucian Lagrange’s Lincoln Park 2520, which a Yo reader once referred to as an “Orchard Street McMansion exploded,” will opt for a similarly traditional style, with a limestone base and mansard roof.

Like some of the homes at Lincoln Park 2520, the prices at 600 West Belden are sky-high. The two homes that are currently listed in the MLS both have fives bedrooms, 4.5 baths and more than 5,000 square feet of floor space, and they’re priced at $2.94 million and $2.74 million. For the budget buyer, there’s also a 2,645 square-foot three-bedroom / 2.5-bath coach house priced at $1.59 million.

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