List vs. sale: charting trends in three Chicago neighborhoods

Redfin can crunch a lot of data for users based on ZIP code or neighborhood. This morning I looked up the site’s pages for three areas — 60611 (Streeterville), 60605 (South Loop), and 60614 (Lincoln Park) — and played around with its listing and sales charts. Below are the trends for average listing price per square foot (in blue) and average sale price per square (in red) foot for 2009. Click on each image to go to its corresponding page on Redfin.

60611 (Streeterville):

Redfin list and sales data for 60611, Streeterville, Chicago

60605 (South Loop):

Redfin list and sales data for 60605, South Loop, Chicago

60614 (Lincoln Park)

Redfin list and sales data for 60614, Lincoln Park, Chicago

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