Live like a land baron in Washington Park

One thing we don’t do at YoChicago is write about properties as if we’ve been there when we haven’t.

We haven’t been to the 5700 block of South Perry in Washington Park in several years. When we did visit, we found the area to be much as pictured in the Google Street View image above. It wouldn’t surprise if that image is several years out of date, as are many Street View images.

We also found the area to be one in which the locals encouraged us not to linger, in a manner that some might interpret as threatening. We did.

A 4-bedroom, 2-bath newer construction home at 5749 S Perry came on the market two weeks ago and was just reduced to $207,000. It had originally been purchased for $460,000 in 2008, went into foreclosure, and sold again in May of this year for $31,100.

If Google Street View accurately represents the current state of the area, you’ll be able to live like a land baron on an unpopulated block.

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