Loft buyers need good roofs over their heads

Part of the pleasure of living in a loft comes from the history and maybe even mystery of the building’s past life. The same doesn’t apply to the building’s roof, says New Homes Magazine columnist and professional home inspector Tom Corbett.

If you want to live happily ever after in the loft of your dreams, you must first take a long hard look at the roof of your prospective home. Make sure there is no history, or mystery, to the roof over your head. You never should buy a loft in a building where the developer failed to replace the existing roof during the conversion process.

Tom warns loft buyers to do a little extra leg work up top before buying a loft. Is that “new roof” really a new roof? Has the developer used proper waterproofing materials? Can your roof really handle that radical new deck? What are the consequences of inadequate roofing?

Read all about it in Tom’s New construction corner.

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