Lofts named after an Aztec goddess

If you ask, the sales staff at Pilsen’s Chantico Lofts, 1061 W 16th St, will tell you the project is named for the Aztec goddess of the home. tells you a bit more. Chantico had red serpent accessories and a crown of poisoned cactus spikes, symbolizing the combination of pleasure and pain. Some people think that combination symbolizes Pilsen.

One last thingi about Chantico (the goddess, not the lofts): she ate the wrong thing at the wrong time and was turned into a dog by the food god. Hint: go light on the paprika, and be nice to the dogs in Pilsen.

Click the video above to join YoChicago for a view from a fourth-floor balcony at Chantico Lofts.

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