Look up in the sky this morning and wave to YoChicago

Almost two years ago we chartered a helicopter from AM Air Service in Schaumburg and flew around Chicago, from South Shore up to Wilmette, with half a dozen loops around downtown. We posted some of the shots in a Flickr album and in a YouTube video playlist.

There have been quite a few additions to Chicago’s skyline in the past two years, so we’re headed up again this morning. We’ll be shooting with better cameras and concentrating our time in the downtown area, with brief forays as far north as Lawrence and, time permitting, as far south as Hyde Park.

Our crew consists of me, our ace photographer Michael Kardas, our parent company’s CEO Michael Scotty and, of course, a pilot. Scan the sky between 9 and 10 this morning for the bright red chopper pictured above, and look forward to many shots like the one below.

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