Looking down on River North apartment sundecks and pool decks

We’re fortunate to see Chicago from many vantage points, and we’re always eager to share what we see. Join us for a look down, from a helicopter and from building rooftops, over apartment sundecks and pool decks in the River North neighborhood.

We begin, above with an aerial view that encompasses the pool decks at the East Bank Club, Kingsbury Plaza and Hubbard Place.

Another triple-decker view showcase, clockwise from the upper left of the photo, the pool decks at Asbury Plaza and One Superior Place and the rooftop sundeck at west77. There’s an indoor / outdoor pool adjacent to the sundeck at west77.
Asbury Plaza
One Superior Place

A third triple-decker view, also clockwise from left to right, takes in the sundecks at Chestnut Tower and 100 West Chestnut, and the rooftop pool deck at the new Eight O Five.

The new State & Chestnut apartment tower has a pool on the east side of the rooftop and terraces on the south and north sides.

The north terrace at State & Chestnut serves up a view of the sundeck at One East Delaware.

The amenities level at Grand Plaza has a south and west-facing pool deck and a north and east-facing running track.

You’ll need to visit the rooftop terrace at The Bernardin for this view of the pool deck at The Chicagoan.

We’ve linked the building names in this post to YoChicago Reviews which link in turn to the building websites. Each Review has many more photos of the building’s location, apartments, amenities and immediate surroundings. You’ll find all of the River North apartment buildings on our at-a-glance list.

If you know someone who’s looking for an apartment in Chicago’s lakefront neighborhoods, send them our way. We’ll show them Chicago like no one else can.

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