Looking down on the Gardens of 2520

Lincoln Park 2520 park, Chicago

The marketing team for Lincoln Park 2520 recently posted a new rendering of the development’s one-acre park, the Gardens of 2520. In the words of the development’s website, the space, designed by New York-based Thomas Balsley Associates, will provide residents “with resplendent peace and relaxation.”

Here, picturesque pathways guide you through stately surroundings, complete with vibrant gardens, a bubbling fountain, an ornate covered trellis, a glass-enclosed conservatory and more. Included in the design is a children’s playground and even sizable dog run. At the heart of this verdant paradise is an expansive, inviting lawn, bordered by a canopy of flowering trees.

If you aren’t a fan of this particular park, you might try one of the city’s beautiful public parks. I hear there’s a good one nearby…

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