Loose talk about crime in Pilsen

There’s been a lot of talk about lower crime stats in Pilsen. Everyone has to set their own comfort level and many, I suspect, will find the real numbers a bit unsettling.

The map below, from the Police Department’s Citizen ICAM site, shows crimes within a 1-mile radius of 18th & Ashland for the 14 days ending November 28.

ICAM crime map, Pilsen, Chicago

Crime against person (red): 12 assault, 23 battery, 5 robbery, 1 kidnapping, 1 weapons violation.

Against property (green): 6 burglary, 39 theft, 31 criminal damage, 7 criminal trespass, 4 deceptive practice, 11 motor vehicle theft, 1 arson.

Domestic (red, in circle): 18 battery, 2 criminal sexual assault, 1 assault.

Undetermined (yellow): 7 other offense, 3 public peace violation.

This is not everyone’s notion of a low crime rate. Do your own time and radius search at Citizen ICAM.

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