Lots of talk, little action for LEED candidates

The next time someone mentions “LEED certification” during a sales pitch, remember that you have access to the US Green Building Council’s directory of certified projects. For all the condo projects out there that promoted their green features and their pursuit of LEED certification — and there were a lot back in the day — very few appear to have followed their plans through to completion.

The only ones I recognized were:

Keep in mind that developments are viewable in the directory only with the consent of their primary contacts, so it’s possible that other condo developments have completed the LEED process but opted to keep it private.

A lot of completed projects populate the USGBC’s Registered Projects Directory, which presumably lists developments that started the LEED process at some point but have not received final certification. Some of the ones I recognized were Aqua, Alta at K Station, Roosevelt Collection, Flair Tower, Eco North (described as “LEED Certified” on its own website), and Fountain View. Given that an extremely new (and possibly still unfinished) building like Parc Huron has already completed its LEED process and received a Gold certificate, I wonder what’s keeping some of these other projects from completing their processes as well.

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