High-end loft conversions underway in River North warehouse

Park Kingsbury Residences

River North may be known for its high-rises, but another development is ready to compete – with just five stories. New Homes Magazine contributor Dana Dubriwny brings us the story of Park Kingsbury Residences, the newest loft conversion in River North.

There is no doubt that area residents have supported the transformation of this building since its conception. When the Park Kingsbury was introduced to the River North Residents Association in May of 2007, it was met with overwhelming approval – which sales manager Carolyn Lester, of Rizzo Realty Group, credits to a neighborhood mantra of continuous renewal.

“The neighborhood is looking to reinvest in the value-driven River North sector, and many of these individuals do not have the kind of space they are looking for,” Lester says.

Read the entire article in New Homes Magazine‘s February 2008 issue.

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