Making way for Parc Huron's park

Parc Huron, 469 W Huron St, Chicago

Parc Huron, 469 W Huron St, ChicagoThe small concrete building at 662 N Hudson Ave in River North (the northwest corner of Erie and Hudson) is finally coming down, presumably to make room for the small park that was always a part of the plans for Parc Huron. (You can see part of it in the rendering at right.) Not sure why it’s necessary, given the fact that the larger and far more amenity-rich Erie Park is practically next door, but hopefully it’ll look nice.

The old bare-bones now redirects to a Parc Huron page on RMK Development‘s website. There you can find floor plans for the tower’s 13 tiers and a coupon for $100 off the first month’s rent. Apartments at Parc Huron include one-bedroom / one-baths with 614 to 877 square feet, priced from $1,840 to $2,850, two-bedroom / two-baths with 1,100 to 1,318 square feet, priced from $2,980 to $3,855, and three-bedroom / two-baths with $1,443, priced from $3,605 to $4,055.

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