Mallinckrodt's "active-adult" community makes room for the whippersnappers

Mallinckrodt on the Park, Wilmette, Illinois

You move to Mallinckrodt on the Park thinking you’ll find peace and quiet among fellow gray-hairs, and the next thing you know, all these youngsters show up with their loud music and flashy clothes and devil-may-care attitudes. What’s this world coming to?

According to @properties, developer Mallinckrodt Renaissance LLC recently sought and obtained approval from Wilmette’s village board to lower the “active-adult” community’s age limit to 55. Only one member of each household has to be 55 or older; there is no age restriction on any other member of the household.

Mallinckrodt Renaissance and @properties hope to “get a boost from pre-retirees” as they work their way toward closeout at the converted Mallinckrodt College, located at 1041 Ridge Rd in Wilmette. The remaining 22 one- and two-bedroom condos are priced from $235,000 to $750,000 including one or two deeded indoor heated parking spaces.

Chicago Magazine’s Dennis Rodkin wrote about Mallicnkrodt’s prices and age-limit change yesterday morning. In March, Joe Zekas visited the development with Ted Pickus of Coldwell Banker (the exclusive broker at the time) for a look inside its homes and common areas.

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