Many of Lakeview’s best apartments are off-limits to rental services

If you’re looking for an apartment in Lakeview, working with a rental service a/k/a apartment locator a/k/a apartment finder guarantees that you’ll miss out on some of the best-located, most fairly-priced and most nicely-renovated apartments in the neighborhood.

A number of Lakeview’s largest landlords don’t cooperate with rental services, and the services will steer renters away from their properties and have been known to lie about the reasons for doing so.

Some of Lakeview’s large landlords only cooperate with rental services on their harder-to-rent apartments, reserving their best apartments for renters who aren’t working with a rental service.

Some of Lakeview’s smaller landlords will charge you a higher rent when you work with a rental services to recoup the month’s rent they’re paying the service. So much for that “free” service you were gulled into using.

Some of the better Lakeview landlords work only with a few rental services and won’t allow the others on their properties. You’ll never know whether the rental service you select has access to the best properties.

There’s a single word that perfectly describes renters who work with a rental service before contacting Lakeview’s major property managers directly: suckers.

YoChicago advertisers own and manage 1,000s of apartments in prime Lakeview locations in buildings that range from 3-flats to high-rises. Give them a call rather than contacting a rental service. You’ll save time, avoid hassles, and you may save some money.

  • BJB Properties, 11 properties
  • Halsted Flats, a new, full-amenity high-rise
  • Planned Property Management, 17 properties
  • Reside Living, 13 properties
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