Meet Charlie Zechel, a master cement finisher

The focus of work this week at K2 at K Station is completing site excavation and forming and pouring the basement walls of this new high-rise apartment building.

Later in the week the slab for the elevators will be poured and the first cement finisher will be on the job. Twenty finishers will be on the job when McHugh Construction begins the challenging task of completing a floor of the building every three days.

Charlie Zechel has twenty years’ experience with McHugh, and he’ll be in charge of the cement finishers who transform a rough product into a smooth, level and seamless one at K2.

The cement finisher’s job might look easy to an outsider, but it takes a 3-year apprenticeship to gain the experience and expertise to do the job well.

You can see more video of K2 at this YouTube playlist.

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