Meet Echelon at K Station’s manager, Debbie Lam

Debbie Lam, the property manager at the Echelon at K Station, is enjoying her new neighborhood in the Fulton River District. Debbie comes to Echelon with 16 years’ experience in managing residential property. Among her other duties, she’s currently overseeing a makeover of the pool deck to expand the sunning area for residents and add cabanas and a fire pit.

The property manager at a major Chicago high-rise has to be knowledgeable in many areas. She has responsibility for a major asset, a multi-million dollar budget — and the challenge of providing for the comfort of hundreds of residents.

Astoria Tower’s Jill Dolnicek introduces Debbie in this sponsored video, and elicits her take on what makes the community attractive to residents and prospective renters.

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