MLS-listed north lakefront rentals more plentiful, renting quickly

The number of homes, apartments and condos listed for rent in the MLS in six north lakefront ZIP codes is up 17% over the past two weeks to 567, the highest level since we began tracking in early January.

Last week also saw the largest number of new listings added to and remaining on the market – 156. On average, units are remaining on the market less than 30 days, and quite a few are renting as quickly as they reach the market.

A 2-bedroom, 2-bath at 2650 N Lakeview was just listed for rent at $2,450 a month – the price of a 1-bedroom in a new River North high-rise. Rent includes cable TV, heat and air-conditioning.

The condo building has an indoor pool, tennis courts, and Lincoln Park’s North Pond at its front door. You won’t get the in-unit washer / dryer you would in a newer River North building, but you’ll only pay $130 a month for parking. What you save on parking ought to cover the cost of a laundry service.

You can follow our weekly updates of north lakefront rental data at this Google Docs spreadsheet.

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