Monday, Monday is transfer tax fun day

The following is an abbreviated version of an e-mail from reader Bob Darrow, who reports on real estate in the Windy City Guide:

On Monday, February 4th come to City Hall to testify at 10:00 AM!

The Chicago REALTORS® continue to oppose the Real Estate Transfer Tax increase with a major advertising and lobbying campaign and a consumer Web site,

This 40% increase in the Real Estate Transfer Tax to pay for CTA Pensions will be introduced on Monday, February 4th at the Chicago City Council’s Finance Committee at 10:00 AM on the 2nd Floor at City Hall. This will be your only opportunity to testify against this 40% increase!

Please be prepared to spend the whole day downtown – so bring a lunch! The meeting is expected to take all day and we have no guarantees of when we will be able to testify. Let the Aldermen know how you feel about this tax and what it will do to your clients and your community.

Go to to send an email to your Alderman.

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