Moving to Chicago? Skip the trip and rent short-term or sight-unseen

If you’re relocating to Chicago and looking for a great apartment in a well-managed building, you can spare yourself the expense and hassle of one or more apartment-hunting trips and playing the bait-and-switch game with a rental service broker.

Chicago has lots of great apartment communities and there’s always a good selection of apartments available. Chicago also has a number of trustworthy management companies with a lot of positive brand equity that they work hard to maintain.

We think that you can confidently rent sight-unseen from any of the companies on YoChicago’s list of best landlords. They’re all YoChicago advertisers, but we value your trust and are selective about who we allow to advertise here.

We’ve written objective, detailed reviews of 100s of buildings and their locations, and linked to those reviews and property websites from our at-a-glance lists.

The lists that cover the area from the South Loop north to Lakeview include every large building in the area, with a few exceptions that we think you’re well-advised to avoid. The lists link to near real-time rent and availability info at most of the buildings, floor plans, video tours, scheduling links and more. They’re a quick and easy way to home in on the buildings that meet your requirements.

Another great option is to rent a furnished apartment for a month, perhaps at one of the buildings you’re interested in renting for a longer term. Suite Home Chicago, one of our advertisers, has furnished suites available at more than a dozen luxury buildings in a variety of neighborhoods, and we’ve shot video tours at all of them. One of the tours, of the new Gateway West Loop, is at the top of this post and you can see the rest at this YouTube playlist.

You’ll pay more to rent short-term and furnished, but you’ll save the cost of an apartment hunting trip. You’ll also find that a short-term furnished rental pays off in convenience, eases your move in a lot of ways, and helps eliminate stress.

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