Moving to River North? YoChicago trounces rental service brokers

If you’ve been searching for a new apartment in River North, you’ve probably been exposed to ads from Chicago’s rental services.

The ad pictured above, for example, invites you to “Contact Us to Find Your Perfect Apartment.”

You may or may not see your “perfect apartment” when you work with a rental service broker. Not all of the River North buildings cooperate with rental service brokers and not all of the brokers have relationships with the ones that do. The buildings that do cooperate with brokers may not pay a full commission, which may lead a broker to steer you to the ones that do, or to one that’s paying above the going rate.

Be aware that some brokers will view “your perfect apartment” as the one that pays them the most money in the shortest period of time.

If you contact a rental service, ask how many River North buildings they work with. If the answer is “all of them” or “all the best buildings,” move on. You’re talking to a liar.

You’ll find all of the managed apartment buildings in River North on YoChicago’s at-a-glance list of Near North apartments.

Our list gives you building addresses, summary information about the buildings, and links to the near real-time rent and date available information at the buildings that have it online. The list also links to our video tours and to our visually-rich reviews, which have the building names, direct links to the building websites, and structured information about the apartments, amenities, location and building policies.

Twice a month we feature “deals and finds” from our Near North and River North advertisers. Here’s a link to the June 11 edition.

We’re confident that you’re far more likely to find the River North apartment that’s best for you if you spend some time with our comprehensive list and reviews and then go directly to the properties, rather than risk wasting time with a rental service that can’t or won’t show you all your options.

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