Municipal service rates on the rise in Winnetka

Winnetka power plant

The average Winnetka home will see the cost of municipal services increase by 2.1%, or $125.

The increase consists of a 1.4% ($37) rise in property taxes, an 8% ($53) increase in water charges, and a 1.5% ($35) increase in electricity costs. And, yes, you read that last item right: Winnetka residents buy their electricity from the Village. Winnetka purchases power wholesale from the Illinois Municipal Electric Agency (IMEA) and resells it to residents. Winnetka is the only North Shore suburb that’s a member of IMEA, and the only one to have once operated its own power plant (pictured above).

The Village’s share of a typical property tax bill is only 13%, down from 17% in prior years as a result of disproportionately larger increases by other taxing bodies, including the school districts.

If you’re considering a move to Winnetka, the Village’s newcomers’ page offers a good overview of municipal government and services.

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