Mystery solved at shuttered Lincoln Park retail outlet

American Apparel

It’s only obliquely related to new homes, but we couldn’t resist this item.

New Homes Magazine contributor Dana Dubriwny snapped this photo of the shuttered American Apparel outlet at 837 W Armitage Ave in Lincoln Park. As the scribbled messages suggest, shoppers were a little confused as to why the trendy clothier wasn’t open for business.

Crain’s solves the mystery today: Apparently all four Chicago-area American Apparel shops had been operating without a Chicago business license.

The Lincoln Park violation was uncovered in November during a routine inspection along Armitage Avenue, the spokeswoman said. American Apparel was issued a warning and given 30 days to apply for the $250 license, which lasts for two years. The store failed to produce the license during a December follow-up visit, she said.

American Apparel submitted its application last week and paid for all four licenses on Tuesday, the spokeswoman said.

The store re-opened today.

Surely we can tie this amusing little item into residential real estate, right? Maybe some thoughtful readers can suggest a few angles.

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