Neighborhood snapshot – Archer Heights

Chicago Tribune photo, Archer Heights

What the charming write-ups about Archer Heights never tell you is that it’s long been one of Chicago’s most segregated communities – and that’s saying a lot in Chicago.

The African-American population of Archer Heights is well under 1%, and the community has transitioned rapidly to a majority Latino population, as has much of this part of Chicago. More than 90% of the neighborhood elementary school population is Latino, many with limited English proficiency. My limited Spanish proficiency kept me from titling this post as a “Barrio instantánea.”

At the time of a Tribune reporter’s visit, in August, real estate agents were taking comfort in what they saw as a leveling off of prices and continued development of strip malls.

According to Redfin stats, median list prices in ZIP Code 60632 in November of this year, at $149k, were down 8.1% from last year, and median sales prices were down 17% year-over-year, and 7.4% month-over-month, at $116K.

If you’re looking for an affordable single-family or two-flat, take a closer look at Archer Heights. If you visit, don’t bother looking for the heights. There aren’t any.

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