Neighborhood vignette – Higher-class Milwaukee pimps dropping hookers in Bucktown

We’re always on the lookout for good neighborhood sites with news feeds to scan for our Chicago Real Estate News page. Today we found Our Urban Times, a site that covers Bucktown, Wicker Park and nearby neighborhoods.

The first item at Our Urban Times reported on residents’ recent success in abating the decades-old practice of prostitutes working the stretch of North Ave between Ashland Ave and Milwaukee Ave. An earlier article reported that Milwaukee pimps were dropping off the working girls and noted:

In the 1980s residents in the vicinity of Wood and North patrolled the same area… Now the prostitutes and their pimps are more “high class.”

In this video drive along North Ave with Joe Askins and Mark Boyer, both ex-YoChicagoans, you can see the stretch of North Avenue in question and its easy access to the Kennedy Expressway.

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