Neighborhoods within neighborhoods: Holstein Park and Senior Citizens Memorial Playlot

I’ve yet to meet anyone who uses “Holstein Park” as a neighborhood name, but when we interviewed Realtor Elizabeth Mallon for a New Homes article last year, she suggested the pocket in northern Bucktown bounded by Leavitt Street and Dickens, Belden, and Claremont avenues had a look and feel all its own.

On Sunday evening I drove over to the actual Holstein Park, a charming park with a well-kept softball field, a clean pool, new playground equipment, and a century-old fieldhouse, and took a stroll around the surrounding streets. The housing options in this part of Bucktown seem par for the course — a mix of old three-flats and new infill condos and single-family homes — but the park itself, as well as the neighboring Senior Citizens Memorial Playlot, are certainly worthwhile amenities for anyone living nearby.

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