Networking with buyers before you buy

Those of you who don’t follow our comments feed regularly might have missed some recent comments from Kevin, a buyer at the Renaissance Lofts in Rogers Park who participates in a Yahoo! group dedicated to that development’s “issues and concerns.” Regular readers may also remember the networking that went on among frustrated Glashaus buyers in this 100-comment thread.

One of our goals for was to give buyers a place to rate and review their experiences with developers and developments. Several people have taken us up on that offer — in the past month and a half, five people with contracts at 1555 Wabash have started airing their concerns over delayed closing dates and apparent contract drop-offs. (A representative from New West Realty said last week that closings should begin any day.) Our next step is to offer buyers the opportunity to create their own blogs about their buying experiences and to communicate directly with other buyers and developments directly. It’s not integrated into NewHomeNotebook just yet, but keep an eye out for more information in the near future.

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