New Belmont Army a cool addition in Lake View

Belmont Army Surplus, 855 W Belmont Ave

No one is too thrilled with the construction underway on CTA el tracks, but there have been some positive side effects, such as Belmont Army Surplus’ creation of a new home at 855 W Belmont Ave, pictured under construction above (the store also has opened a second location at 1318 N Milwaukee Ave, in Wicker Park).

The silver undulating facade broken by large, jutting glass bays is perfect for the funky operation that is Belmont Army, and it’s a pretty great addition to the street. Some might complain about the contemporary design’s lack of respect for context — it’s book-ended by vintage facades — but to my mind, the new building is a classy complement to the historic white facade and classic cornice of the building immediately west.

The new store should be open in late July or early August.

Belmont Army Surplus, 855 W Belmont Ave

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