New and vintage elements at 630 West Barry

630 West Barry, Lake View, Chicago 630 West Barry, Lake View, Chicago

630 West Barry, Lake View, Chicago 630 West Barry, Lake View, Chicago

I’ve been curious about the execution of the 630 West Barry, a hybrid new-construction and rehab development at 630 W Barry Ave in Lake View, and yesterday I had a chance to see the almost-finished project with my own eyes. I did a quick drive by the development and took a couple of snapshots of the landmark brick and terra cotta facade and the new-construction element that looms above it.

The Jameson sales team is still using the water color image at right to market the nine-unit development, even though it looks quite a bit different than the actual building. In that drawing, the new-construction portion looks almost identical to the existing facade, and it even has the same pointed roof. In reality, the new-construction addition is a different color than the existing facade, and instead of a pointed roof, the new one is flat.

It looks like some work still remains to be done on the development before buyers can move in. The top-floor windows are still covered in plastic, and the front door hasn’t been installed yet.

A recent post on Jameson Agent Akos Straub’s development blog says that one of the top-floor units has been sold, and that eight condos are still available in the development.

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