New construction from RD Precision in East Village

We recently visited a home built by RD Precision at 2550 W Huron St in Smith Park both while it was under construction (video below) and after it was completed (video above).

Another new home by RD Precision was just listed for sale at 1644 W Huron St in East Village, with similar specs to the one we visited. It’s also at a similar price point, $949,900 vs $924,900 for the Smith Park home, and is expected to be ready for September occupancy.

The homes differ sharply in their front elevations and, based on the images that accompany the East Village home, in the configuration of their staircases and finishes, but the videos should give you some solid clues to what you can expect from the builder.

Izabela Sloma of Sergio & Banks (one of our sponsors) has both listings.

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