New Hyde Park blog is pro-development

Perusing Gapers Block today, we came across what appears to be a pretty interesting new blog about Hyde Park. Hyde Park Progress is taking on what it calls the neighborhood’s “establishment voice,” represented by the Hyde Park Herald, The Hyde Park Historical Society and other local groups. From the site:

Hyde Park Progress thinks there is space for a voice other than that of obstructionism sounded by “community” activism. Hyde Park Progress is a pro-development voice from within the neighborhood which argues that our quality of life is just as dependent on convenient shopping, 24-hour street safety, and urban vitality, as it is upon plentiful parkland and historical architecture, and wants to make the blending of these a priority, not a distant dream.

In this vein, recent posts have ranted against NIMBYism, profiled a Peapod driver as a local hero and taken issue with parts of the plan to save Promontory Point.

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