New loft and condo models in the West Loop

The new high-rise at 565 Quincy, in the West Loop, sits atop an existing loft building.

Last week I visited the community for a sponsored tour of two new furnished models, a one-bedroom plus den, bath-and-a-half unit in the loft section, and a split 2-bedroom, 2-bath in the tower. Jacob Kaufman, Executive VP of Belgravia Group, was my tour guide.

In a separate sponsored video, Kaufman sums up the status of 565 Quincy, where only 27 of the original 241 units remain available for purchase:

Unlike a lot of new construction buildings, at this one the association has been turned over to the homeowners. So the homeowners are in charge of this building. They have it, and it’s all theirs, and it’s healthy and there are resources available… You’re not taking any risk in that area.

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