New West Loop apartments and a Walk Score warning

While virtually all the media attention is focused on the major new apartment buildings, quite a few smaller projects are being built in the neighborhoods and most are renting up quickly.

Madison Aberdeen Place in the West Loop consists of four buildings with a total of 81 apartments.

The 9-unit building at 4 North Aberdeen was recently completed and is fully rented. Only 3 of the 18 units across the street at 3 North Aberdeen (pictured above) are still available for October occupancy. Two remaining buildings, with a total of 54 units, are slated for March, 2014 occupancy. Stated rents at the completed buildings are comparable to, and in some cases greater than what you’d pay in one of the full-amenity buildings further east.

The neighborhood page for 4 North Aberdeen is a good illustration of the pitfalls of lending much credence to Walk Score information – or what you’ll find on any algorithm-driven site, for that matter.

The page has a list of restaurants that includes Plush and Vincenzo’s. Plush went out of business about a year ago and Vincenzo’s opened in January at the location. Google street view, which is years out of date in many Chicago locations, still shows the Plush signage on the building.

One area in which Walk Score serves up embarrassingly bad information more often than not is grocery shopping. The 4 North Aberdeen site, relying on Walk Score, advises that you can “buy groceries at Blackwater Markets Inc.” That will come as news to Blackwater Markets, which is a financial services firm.

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