Nightlife options for 1720 South Michigan

1720 South Michigan South Loop Chicago

Buyers with any familiarity with Chicago hear the word “Loop” and assume this means a lot of businesses and a lot of bustle. It’s not necessarily true for all of the South Loop. CMK Companies1720 South Michigan happens to be located in a part of the neighborhood where there are plenty of amenities, including nightlife.

Within a mile of the high-rise are two jazz clubs, a sports bar and grill, and a perfect place for happy hour. Within one more mile you’ll find seven more restaurants and clubs with a variety of atmospheres. Suit yourself with anything from the blues of Buddy Guy’s Legends, to the 108-year-old Kasey’s Tavern, to a more modern lounge, Tantrum.

If something keeps you inside (like our annual super-winter, perhaps), GrubHub lists 80 different restaurants that deliver to 1720 S Michigan Ave.

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