Nine questions for a landlord

Earlier this month we received a media release from RMK Management‘s president, Anthony Rossi Jr, offering nine sets of questions that a prospective renter should ask every landlord or apartment manager prior to signing a lease, in order to “ensure the property is the correct fit for a renter and help prevent any issues or misunderstandings down the road.” You might keep them in mind as you conduct your home search online, too.

  1. When is the apartment available? Is that date negotiable? Is the apartment currently occupied?
  2. How much are the rent and deposit fees? Is any portion of the deposit refundable? When is rent due?
  3. What are the terms for renewing the lease? What are the conditions if you have to move before the lease expires? What is the policy on subletting?
  4. What is included, such as parking, utilities or amenities?
  5. Can you paint the walls or make other decorating changes?
  6. Will you be responsible for any property maintenance? Is there an office onsite or a 24-hour phone number in case of emergencies?
  7. How is garbage removal handled? Is recycling available?
  8. Is the apartment pet-friendly? How does the landlord handle rule violations? Be sure to ask for a copy of the rules and regulations.
  9. Can you speak with a current tenant to get their impressions of the apartment complex?

What would you add to this list?

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