No appointment necessary at most high-rise apartments

Chicago rental services would like you to believe that they have an inside track on scheduling showings at Chicago’s apartment towers. They don’t.

The rental services would also like you to believe that they can negotiate a better deal than you’ll get on your own. They can’t. In fact, in almost every case they’ve explicitly contracted with the buildings that they won’t even attempt to negotiate rent or terms.

Almost every Chicago rental high-rise welcomes walk-ins, no appointment necessary during regular office hours. Most of the buildings are open weekends and it’s not uncommon for them to remain open into the early evening several days during the week. The on-site leasing staff are typically very professional and knowledgeable.

Almost all of the buildings have near real-time rent and availability information on their websites. YoChicago’s at-a-glance lists link to reviews of the buildings and to availability checks at the building websites. In just a few minutes you can locate the buildings that meet your criteria, determine whether they have a vacancy that fits your budget and your move-in date, check office hours and plan your visits. Even though no appointment is necessary, it’s a good idea to call or email with any questions you might have before visiting.

If possible, begin thinking about your move several months in advance. The most desirable apartments rent quickly. Identify the buildings and floor plans you’re interested in, and sign up at the building website for an email “availability alert” so that you have the inside track on the best apartments.

YoChicago’s lists include every high-rise in the area, regardless of whether it advertises with us. Almost every rental service will refuse to show you buildings that don’t pay them a commission or pay what they consider a below-market commission. They’ll have two reasons for refusing to show you a building: a good reason (often a lie) and the real reason (nothing in it for them).

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